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Suggested Reading Order

I realize that it can be a little overwhelming to click an author name on Amazon and get an entire list of titles going back for more than five years. Which one should you read next and what’s the best order?So that’s what this section is here to answer!  

I would start with Once Upon A Bet. I try to write my series so they can be read in any order, which makes it nice if you discover a series in the “wrong” order. In this case, if you read Once Upon A Grump first, you can easily go back to read Once Upon A Bet without feeling like anything was really spoiled for you. 

What should you read after that?

The Objects of Attraction Series. It starts with His Banana and is definitely my most successful series of all time. Each book is really fun, irreverent, and guaranteed to make even the stuffiest reader laugh through their nose once or twice. If you want to check out just one book to get a taste, click that first link. If you want a discount on all six books, click here to look at the bundle (that’ll get you all six books for $9.99 instead of $16)

After that?

One of my more recent works is a three book series that starts with The Boss(hole), then the Room(hate), and finally the Ego(maniac). There’s a little bit of everything in the series and I think the characters are a lot of fun. Travis from The Ego(maniac) was probably my favorite character in recent memory, so I’d say that one is a must-read!

There’s more? (Yes!)

My Mostly Funny Romance Series should be your next stop. It’s a three-book series and thematically should feel like a perfect blend of The Boss(hole)/The Room(hate) and The Objects series. Book one, My (Mostly) Secret Baby, will really give you some of that same flavor that The Boss(hole) did, as well. 

And then?

You’ll move out of the world of series and into standalones at this point if you’re still looking for rom coms.

If you think BDSM meets Rom Com sounds fun, you’ll love The Golden Pecker.

If you enjoy a touch of the paranormal world with vampires and werewolves but still want that rom com flair, I’ve got two perfect books for you.

Kiss Kiss Fang Fang and I Bite, She Sucks!

What else you got, Bloom?

That pretty much wraps up the rom coms I’ve written so far. The most recent non-rom coms I wrote were a brief foray into the world of bully romance. If that’s your style, check out Ruthless Love and Savage Love. Both books have more of a young adult vibe in terms of setting and are a little more angsty and drama packed than my usual work. 

Do you like BDSM? 

I’ve got plenty of offerings in the BDSM world from my earlier work. Knocked Up by the Dom is a great place to start. It’s light, smutty, and will grab you right away. 

Got any single dads?

You bet I do! My favorite single dad book was Single Dad Next Door. It has a little more humor than my other books around that time period did, including one of my favorite scenes to date!


Final thoughts…

I hope this list has been helpful. There are more books beyond what I’ve listed here, but I was doing my best to keep it at least mostly limited to the world of my rom coms.

Happy reading!



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