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Bananas are back on the menu!

Believe it or not, I thought I was done with the world of erotic fruit books after the Objects of Attraction series. I'd spent nearly a year writing them from book one to book six, and it just kind of seemed like the right thing to move on. Well... here we are. And here I am with a cover depicting two grown ass, consenting bananas doing what God intended bananas to do when they are in a loving relationship. No, they aren't spooning, either. If that's where your mind went, bless your heart. You're still a pure soul and I haven't had a chance to corrupt you with my immaturity yet. Silliness aside, I did want to talk about a few things relating to this book. One thing I thought was worth bringing up is that I've discovered a little something about myself. No matter how hard I try, it's always going to feel wrong to put myself in one box. As in, I don't want to get myself in a place again where I start to think, "Oh, I'd love to write a book like that... But it's not really what people expect me to write." So, within reason, I'm going to do my best to keep myself excited and high-energy about everything I'm writing. That will probably mean bouncing between projects, and I'm going to just have to learn to be okay with that. Big picture stuff aside, I also want to give some perspective on what this book means and how it relates to the Objects of Attraction Series. At the moment, I'm kind of thinking of this new wave of books as a sister series. My goal would be that you could ultimately read them in either order. Like you could come in with After His Banana (and After Her Cherry, which is next), and THEN go on to read His Banana and all of those books. Or you could do it the other way around. If that ends up seeming too complicated, I still sort of reserve the right to say these are books 7 and onward within the Objects of Attraction series, too. We'll just have to see how it goes. I've never come back to a series in any way after initially finishing it, so this was a new experience for me. I found it was really fun--both re-reading some of the old books to refresh my memory on everybody and their personalities, and then re-imagining them in a new place in their lives. Also seeing them through a different lens (the eyes of these new, younger characters) was really fun, too.

As for the book itself, I feel pretty confident in saying it's exactly what you'd expect from an Objects of Attraction book. So if you were a fan of those, I'm very confident you'll love this one, too. So, we'll see! In a lot of ways, this feels different than my normal book launches because I'm mostly hoping to make fans of the original series happy. I don't know if I even put a tenth of the thought I normally do into reaching new readers. It was more about doing something really fun and exciting for everyone who was a fan of the original. I hope you decide to check it out. Meanwhile, I'm going to go jump back into the writing cave because these things don't write themselves (unfortunately). My next project is Savage Love... Or Brutal Love... Or Vicious Love? I haven't decided what to call it, but you can bet your ass that love is going to be rough, because it's the second book in my bully series I started last month. This one follows Cassian, and I am actually really excited to dive into writing something angsty and more serious after the non-stop humor of After His Banana. Variety is a good thing. That's going to be my new mantra, lol! Happy reading, And don't forget to borrow or buy After His Banana. Click here to check it out!



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