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I'm Still Alive!

I meant the title of this post to be a little tongue-in-cheek. On the one hand, I know I've been radio silent pretty much since a couple days after my last release. On the other hand, somebody accidentally ran a red light and totaled my car yesterday. To answer the most obvious question, I'm completely fine. I was in the red car waiting for a red light. The black car ran the light going the opposite direction, clipped a car crossing the road, and then lost control and ended up slamming straight into my car. Everybody involved (four cars total) was okay and walking around right afterwards.

All my airbags deployed and I honestly only remember a snapshot image of that black car about ten feet away from my car right before impact. After that, it happened so fast that the next thing I knew, I couldn't see out of my windows because all the airbags were out and there was smoke coming out of the radio area in my car.

Car accidents aside, I'm also still writing. It probably seems like I've been taking a break from an outside perspective since my releases aren't coming as often at the moment. Sit tight, though. I've been working really hard to get these books awesome and ready to go for my debut series with Montlake Romance. The first book is in the final stages of editing, and the last they told me, the plan was to get it in stores around September this year. I believe they're planning to set up a pre-order, though, so you may be able to take a peak at the cover and all that jazz a bit earlier. I'm also most of the way through the second book and really happy with how it's turning out. The plan is for me to finish that one on Wednesday, which is going to be a little tight, considering I still have roughly 25,000 words to go. Either way, I can hardly remember a book I've written where I didn't write the majority in the last 10% of my deadline window. Something about that last-minute pressure really helps me along, I guess. If I stay on schedule, that means I'll be starting my next self-published book on Thursday. I blocked out a little more time for myself to write it because I've been feeling like I live in a stress loop lately. That means it won't be live and available about a month after I start it, like usual. Instead, I'm hoping to have it ready to launch by May 7th. I've hardly had spare brain cells to plan ahead too much for this next one, but I'm going to do another book in the Objects of Attraction series. At the moment, I think I'll call it "Her Bush" and I have a kind of fun idea involving Harry (Peter's brother from Her Secret) hiring a bush sculpting company for a fancy party he's hosting. Our heroine will work for them and there will be some unfortunate but hilarious accidents that lead into the story. As far as my grand scheme plans go... I'm kind of open to the idea that my Objects of Attraction series could be near the end of its run. I've never wanted to be an author who beats something into the ground just because it's easy. In fact, I think I have the most fun and write my best books when I transition from one series to the next. Staying in the Objects series for this long has been a real challenge for me, but until this last book, I felt like the majority of my readers were hoping I'd keep the books coming. Her Secret did well, but it had a noticeable drop in performance compared to the last book. It's always impossible to figure out cause and effect when it comes to book sales, but if Her Bush has a lackluster performance as well, I think that'll likely be enough evidence to tell me that everyone is ready for me to move on to something new. The one sort of compromise idea I have is that I could have fun trying to do a spin-off series where I plan a duet or trio of books in the Objects style and tone but focused on different tropes. For example, I thought it'd be fun to do a couple sports themed Objects book, or some dirty mechanic themed books, etc. Anyway, I think that's pretty much an up-to-date summary of where I am, what I've been doing, and where I plan to be going in the next few months. I apologize if you've reached out to me via Facebook, email, or wherever and haven't heard back from me. I have a love/hate relationship with diving into communication and social media. On the one hand, I enjoy hearing from you all and responding. If you've ever messaged me, you probably know from experience that when I *do* respond, I send half a novel. On the other hand, I'm always so behind schedule on everything that I often dread even opening my messages to see how many I need to read and respond to. It takes me so long that I usually feel like I can't afford to get distracted by it until I'm done with whatever book I'm working on, so I end up putting it off for a month or more. So thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for waiting patiently for my next book. And thanks for every story of mine you've read so far! I can't wait until I have another new release to share with you guys, and I wish it was coming sooner! xx


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