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The Boss(hole)
The Ego(maniac)
The Room(hate)
My Mostly Secret Baby
My Mostly Fake Wedding
My Mostly Temporary Nanny
Anyone But Rich
Anyone But Cade
Anyone But Nick
His Banana
Her Cherry
His Treat
His Package
Her Secret
Her Bush
After His Banana
Kiss Kiss Fang Fang
I Bite She Sucks
knocked up by the dom
knocked up by the master
knocked up and punished
the golden pecker
ruthless love
savage love
the dom's virgin
the dom's bride
single dad's virgin
single dad's hostage
single dad next door
baby for the beast
baby for the brute
Sincerely Up Yours Final.jpg
Once Upon A Bet

My Books

While many of my books are part of a series or duet, all can be enjoyed standalone and do not need to be read in any particular order.  Happy Reading!

Once Upon A Grump
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